One issue, Three covers. Positively Aware’s annual anti-stigma campaign portrays 24 hours in the lives of people affected by HIV. On September 22, 2020, people across the U.S. and from 11 other countries captured a moment of their day, posting their pictures and sharing their stories with the hashtag #adaywithhiv.

In addition to a selection of photos appearing on pages 40–46, there are three different versions of the foldout cover for this issue, shown below. An online gallery is also on view at

5:34 PM: Seattle, Washington

TJ Elston: Letting go of all the shame and negativity of the 21 years of living with HIV, and starting to celebrate me. Sept. 22 is my 51st birthday, and my one-year anniversary of marrying my husband, James (on the right).

12:45 PM: San Francisco, California

Bobbee Trans Mooremon: Nothing but Glittery Purple Unicorn Magic.

4:47 PM: Phoenix, Arizona

Jacundo Ramos: Three years ago, I had no idea that HIV would help me shed my old skin and help me grow into someone new. Three years later I am stronger, happier, kinder, and more levelheaded than I ever would’ve imagined. Meet yourself where you are, and understand that the way you are feeling right now is valid. Remember that your story is a radical act of healing.

9:30 AM: Decatur, Georgia

Devin Middleton: A day with HIV is another day for me to bloom. To grow. To bask in the light and plant my own seeds into this world.

2:54 PM: New York, New York

Dana Diamond: I fight stigma by telling my story. Ready for a day of work at Exponents, a community-based organization, where I’m fortunate to work as the director of health services. Educating all about HIV and assisting HIV+ people to take care of their health. Also, preventing overdose by training and distributing Narcan kits. This helps me also stay in a positive environment by doing what I love and taking care of my health.