Understanding HIV treatment doesn’t have to be difficult. POSITIVELY AWARE’s HIV Drug Guide can help you make sense of it all, so that you can make empowered and informed decisions about your treatment.

Here are some highlights from the 2021 HIV Drug Guide:

12 Things to know about hiv treatment

When you should start HIV treatment, what does HIV treatment do, and other essential questions answered.

The mar+apr 2021 issue

Read the entire March+April 2021 HIV Drug Guide issue online.

THe HIV Drug CHart PDF

Download the PDF of the 2021 HIV Drug Chart.


DHHS guidelines for people starting HIV therapy for the first time.


How different drug classes play their part--and where they work in the HIV life cycle.

The Road Ahead

What's on the horizon? New drugs in development.

Find Your HIV Drug

Scroll down to use the search function or page through the medications in the HIV Drug Guide by drug class; or click here for a full A to Z list.